Upcoming: October 6, 2020 Live Tickets by David and Miriam

Upcoming: October 6, 2020 Live Tickets

Starts Oct 6, 2020 at 4:00 PM PDT

Channel Night One-Time Ticket:
  • Light Language from Miriam
  • Live Channeled Teaching from B
  • Live Q&A with B
Note: If you are a member of The Second Paradigm Club, you already have access to the live channel night and our two most recent recordings. Just click Login above!

Live Teaching

We’ll be going LIVE at 4pm Pacific with a live teaching from B.

Context: These teachings are designed to help you to make sense of soul. Even the most challenging and confusing pieces of life have a purpose. Here’s where we get to explore how it all works.

Personal Questions: After the broad teaching that’s meant to help the group as a whole, we dive into personal questions. You can ask whatever is up for you and B will check in with your soul and Oversoul to bring through answers that are uniquely yours.

LIVE from Tucson, Arizona

This channel night will be broadcast Live at 4pm Pacific so you can tune into the energy real-time and ask your questions live!