David | Churning

David and Miriam
Jul 21
Something is certainly churning over here.

Since November of 2016 (when my channel first opened), layers upon layers of collective ideology have been peeling back.

Thinking about it today, looking back, it’s quite clear why.

When we walk forward with divinity and trust ourselves, we’re going to inevitably do things differently—pave new paths forward.

When we do something new, everything we used to do out of obligation, people pleasing, and adolescent desire starts losing its grip.

It doesn’t take hundreds of hours of thought work. It’s our own experience of something more ideal that shows us the unideal in what we used to believe and do.

It’s not a thought we have to “integrate.” It’s an immediately integrated life experience. It’s real.

For nearly 5 years, it’s only become more and more obvious how many of our civilization’s choices and beliefs rest on a foundation of a fear for survival or a manic striving for rapid personal gain.

The more I see that, the more I appreciate this path I’ve been on—that we’ve all been on.

We can be so much more than our fear of death or our pursuit of emotional highs.

We can truly do something incredible here on this planet.

And very little is actually in our way outside of the cognitive prisons that convince us otherwise.

Divinity is real. Light is real. God is real.

I guess what’s churning right now is something like this:

What does our society become when we see through these grooves of behavior that spin us in circles of meaninglessness?

The mid-life crises of men and women everywhere scream, “There has to be more to life than this!”

There is.

What happens when not just a few people but the vast majority sees that?

And before we get there, what happens when those few finally understand the importance of the technology they’ve been developing all this time?

What happens when their false humility and insecurity burns off?

What happens when The Cutting Edge boldly speaks the truth, stands firm in their connection to divinity, and shows the world what lies beyond “mid-life crisis” and hollow pursuits?

What happens when we realize what we actually have access to here?

2 Replies

Miriam Wagoner
Jul 21
Damn! I love this post! Keep writing ✍🏼
Morgan Reese
Jul 23
" circles of meaninglessness" - what an accurate depiction of the prison that is modern life.