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An Intro to The Second Paradigm
What is The Second Paradigm?
Why Intuition?
What Makes The Second Paradigm Different?
intuitionOS: A 6 Part Video Series
intuitionOS: Part 1 | What Everyone Else is Doing
7 mins
intuitionOS: Part 2 | The Force Within You
4 mins
intuitionOS: Part 3 | Soul and Intuition
6 mins
intuitionOS: Part 4 | Soul is Not a Mystery
7 mins
intuitionOS: Part 5 | You're Also in a Body
6 mins
intuitionOS: Part 6 | Letting Everything Break
6 mins
Channeled Documents
These are our 4 free channeled documents in text, PDF, and audio formats:
  • The Starting Place
  • A Guide for Empaths
  • The True Power of Peace
  • You're Not Crazy
1) The Starting Place: An Introduction to The Second Paradigm
The Starting Place (PDF)
3.48 MB
2) A Guide for Empaths: Understand the Feelings, Unplug from the Collective, and Live YOUR Life
A Guide for Empaths (PDF)
3.42 MB
A Guide for Empaths (Audio)
24 mins
3) The True Power of Peace: The Greatest Gift You Have to Offer the World
The True Power of Peace (PDF)
5.03 MB
The True Power of Peace (Audio)
44 mins
4) You're Not Crazy: The Call You Answered and the Role You Now Play
You’re Not Crazy (PDF)
4.44 MB
You’re Not Crazy (Audio)
(1h 10m 16s)