⚪️ Recommended Products

This is a running list of products we stand by and love.

Miriam has been really driving our personal health kick, and following a bunch of truther accounts which all independently point to many of the same health products.

Out of everything we’ve seen and tried, these are the products we're personally using and recommend.

You'll notice a trend here: detox, supplementing vitamins and minerals we rarely get in the modern world, and more detox.

Using these links will give us a little kickback, but don’t feel obligated to buy from these links if you find a brand or product you resonate with more. As with everything else, trust yourself and trust the timing!
Recommended Products
Deep Dives + Silly Videos
David's TRS Research
Shilajit: First Impressions
6 mins
More on Shilajit and How it Works
How to Make Sea Moss Gel
4 mins