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Welcome to Soul Aligned Patriots!
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Welcome to Soul Aligned Patriots
54 mins
B | People Pleasing, Pretending, and Self-Preservation
29 mins
B | Settle Back Even Now in Your Essential Radiance
16 mins
B | Why Your Crazy is Profound Beyond Words
(1h 07m 58s)
Soul Aligned Patriots Docs
A Conspiracy Theorist’s Guide to Making Sense of 2021
1.59 MB
Soul-Aligned Patriots: A Practical Guide to Sharing More of You in the World
3.33 MB
Full Channeled Doc Library
This is every Second Paradigm document, in order from A Guide for Empaths (first) through The True Meaning of Self Love.

After that, it goes right into The Soul Aligned Patriots documents, starting with Inner Solidity.

Feel free to use these as a resource whenever you feel called to a particular topic. Enjoy!
The Starting Place
3.48 MB
A Guide for Empaths
3.42 MB
A Guide to Second Paradigm Business
3.2 MB
Getting Your Brain On Board with Your Soul
3.21 MB
Overcoming Raw Emotion: Fear, Doubt, Uncertainty
325 KB
Objections to Soul: A Channeled Response
352 KB
Second Paradigm Lifestyle
273 KB
The Mechanics of Soul-Aligned Business
4.43 MB
Fame and Wealth
437 KB
Navigating Darkness
3.63 MB
The End of Spiritual Shame
357 KB
Money: A Second Paradigm Perspective
1.26 MB
Transition with Soul
2.32 MB
The True Power of Peace
5.03 MB
The True Meaning of Self Love
4.44 MB
You’re Not Crazy
4.44 MB
Inner Solidity
2.57 MB
The Tipping Point
4.17 MB