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The Starting Place
The Starting Place: An Introduction to The Second Paradigm
The Starting Place (PDF)
3.48 MB
A Guide for Empaths
This is our first channeled document.

And it laid the foundation for a lot of what came after it.

It’s about “disconnecting from the collective” and why that’s such an incredibly important spiritual practice and perspective.

It’s Sovereignty and Clarity—the why and how.
A Guide for Empaths: Understand the Feelings, Unplug from the Collective, and Live YOUR Life
A Guide for Empaths (PDF)
3.42 MB
A Guide for Empaths (Audio)
24 mins
Second Paradigm Lifestyle
This document came shortly after we started teaching about Second Paradigm Business, almost as a counter to a heavy business-only approach to life.
Life in the Second Paradigm is a document about becoming yourself in the world.
It helps to refocus on the totality of life, especially after such a massive exploration of purpose and career.
It’s one of the first times we started exploring and teaching about our reality being a single, whole configuration that works together (and shifts together).
It’s a holistic and integrated perspective for looking at these many aspects of life.
Though most have labeled life as a blend and balance of health, wealth, relationships, and spirituality, this doc flips that idea on its head—breaking down the mental barriers between these “compartments of life” to see YOU and your life in their entirety.
Second Paradigm Lifestyle (PDF)
273 KB
Second Paradigm Lifestyle (Audio)
30 mins
Navigating Darkness
We saw a lot of people getting tripped up with sticky energies, dark energies, or even full-blown benevolent beings and intelligences.
Without context or a way to navigate it, it’s easily one of the scariest experiences a person could have.
So this channeled transmission on The First Paradigm and Darkness helps to sort that out and come back to Sovereignty.
Especially in a time where so much awareness of corruption and sneaky, tricky energies is up in the larger collective, it’s massively helpful to be able to settle in and truly understand the mechanics of that paradigm.
This doc is a response to all those internal fears and uncertainties about those sticky energies (and even people)—and a solid knowing that ultimately, “Your Light is Impenetrable.”
Navigating Darkness (PDF)
3.63 MB
Navigating Darkness (Audio)
16 mins
The End of Spiritual Shame
After Navigating Darkness, we continued the trend of high-impact transmissions that focused on specific challenges that a lot of people were facing at the same time.
This document is a response to spiritual insecurity, unworthiness, feeling lonely, and feeling behind.
We called all of this “Spiritual Shame.”
Because at the end of the day, it comes down to being different, and the emotional (and evolutionary) challenges that come with that.
From the body’s perspective, it’s a seemingly impossible puzzle—how can I be myself, but also integrate into the world around me? How do I avoid being so “deviant“ that nobody accepts me and I lose everything?
This is a document on cracking that puzzle with the soul’s perspective on The Cutting Edge and the biological programming that tries to prevent our spiritual “deviance.”
The End of Spiritual Shame (PDF)
357 KB
The End of Spiritual Shame (Audio)
39 mins
Transition with Soul
For someone stepping into a soul path, transition is inevitable.
This doc explores how to deal with the uncertainty and chaos during these “transitions with soul.”
It breaks transition into three core phases:
  •  Decision
  •  Negotiation
  •  Assembly
It’s called, “TRANSITION WITH SOUL: Navigating the Unknown & Transitioning with Ease and Peace.”
Note: there are diagrams in the pdf version that may be helpful to look at and help land some of the big ideas while you listen.
Transition with Soul (PDF)
2.32 MB
Transition with Soul (Audio)
(1h 08m 19s)
We couldn’t possibly talk about living a soul-aligned life without addressing money.
It’s easily the biggest “objection to soul” and the biggest source of modern fear that hijacks our life path.
What happens when money no longer rules our lives?
This document answers that question, and helps loosen the many internal mechanisms that say, “If you don’t do A, B, and C, all perfectly right, you’re going to DIE.”
This Doc Explores:
  • Why things get hard.
  • The Purpose of Money.
  • How Soul uses financial hardship to its evolutionary advantage.
  • And how to find peace in your circumstances, while still choosing expansion.
Money: A Second Paradigm Perspective (PDF)
1.26 MB
Money: A Second Paradigm Perspective (Audio)
58 mins
The True Power of Peace
Especially in times of collective frenzy, panic, or confusion, what is your role to play as a spiritual person?
This document explores a new role for The Cutting Edge: to lead through Peace.
This document starts with this simple statement: "Peace is the greatest gift you have to offer to the world"
Learn why that statement is so true, and what you can do to settle deeper into Peace, regardless of what the world around you is doing, thinking, or feeling.
The True Power of Peace: The Greatest Gift You Have to Offer the World
The True Power of Peace (PDF)
5.03 MB
The True Power of Peace (Audio)
44 mins
The True Meaning of Self Love
In deep detail, B unpacks the intricacies of Self Love and Essential Radiance.

"Self Love is the act of nurturing your body through its uncertainty."

What does that mean, what's the purpose of this nurturing, and how does it fit into the larger picture of awakening and life?

After exploring Self Love itself, this document explores "The Levels of Clearance" and "Stages of Enlightenment" mentioned in previous documents from an entirely new perspective.

Where does this soul journey really lead? How do we get there, and what's the point of it all?

This is where Essential Radiance comes into play.

All-in-all, this 42 page document is one of the more thorough and potent documents that's ever come through at The Second Paradigm.
The True Meaning of Self Love (PDF)
4.44 MB
Inner Solidity
This is a document that helps sort Light from false light, your life’s mission and purpose to radiate your essence out into the world, and the pushback that comes from doing so.
  • How do you deal with pushback?
  • How do you avoid manic promises of rapid progress?
  • How do beings of Light see you, even despite your vices and “imperfections”?

This and more in Inner Solidity: Unabashedly Trusting Your Essential Radiance

Inner Solidity (PDF)
2.57 MB
You're Not Crazy
Questioning your sanity—it's one of the most difficult aspects of walking a spiritual path.
Is there a way to overcome those feelings?
Is Soul real? Is intuition a worthwhile path?
This document goes right into the hard questions and comes out the other side with the bold statement:
"You're Not Crazy."

You're Not Crazy: The Call You Answered and the Role You Now Play
You’re Not Crazy (PDF)
1.68 MB
You’re Not Crazy (Audio)
(1h 10m 16s)
The Tipping Point
Why have you chosen this path, even with the many other available paths that promise something more?

More money, more fame, more emotional comfort, more bliss, more knowledge—why not?

This document is a Tipping Point in this path—one that inevitably comes in late stage Essential Radiance.

It thoroughly explores the question, “You can, but why?”

And why this question highlights just how okay you already are, and how ideal your existence already is.
The Tipping Point (PDF)
4.17 MB
The Tipping Point (Audio)
41 mins