Direct Access by David and Miriam

Direct Access

"Your intuition is the most powerful decision making force you have available to you."

What's included?

5 Weeks:

Week 1: The Map
Week 1 Introduction
Week 1 Teaching.mp4
(1h 11m 27s)
Week 2: The Body
Week 2 Introduction
Week 2 Teaching.mp4
(1h 24m 43s)
Explore More: "Set Sail"
Week 3: The Soul-Heavy Blend
Week 3 Introduction
Week 3 Teaching.mp4
(1h 13m 01s)
Week 4: Peace and Sorting Through the Noise
Week 4 Introduction
Week 4 Teaching.mp4
47 mins
The True Power of Peace.pdf
5.03 MB
Week 5: Following the Energy
Week 5 Introduction
Week 5 Teaching.mp4
(1h 24m 44s)
The True Meaning of Self Love.pdf
4.44 MB

When You Know, You Know!

This is where people normally sell their product with testimonials and quotes of how awesome people think they are. Well, we know we're awesome! And we trust you to trust yourself. When you know, you know. <3