A Guide for Empaths (Mini Course) by David and Miriam

A Guide for Empaths (Mini Course)

Three Recorded Videos of David and Miriam teaching on the channeled document, A Guide for Empaths and "Disconnecting from the Collective"

What's Included?

3 Video Recordings:

Live Teaching (55:16)
Live Q&A #1 (45:02)
Live Q&A #2 (55:35)

"I ask to be disconnected from the collective."

This guide is cutting-edge channeled material to help empaths embrace and unlock their true gifts by unplugging from the collective energetic.

It'll explain why and how to embody your own true essence in the world.

The simple practices included in this course help you not only to unplug from what isn't you, but also to rediscover what truly is  you.