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Intuition Works.

Here at The Second Paradigm, when logic says to go one way and our intuition says to go another, we choose the intuitive path 10 times out of 10.

That’s the bet we make every day.

And chances are, if you’re here exploring our work, you‘re making that same bet.

It’s not always comfortable to live intuitively—to do and say things that most people don’t understand or agree with.

But for some strange reason, we trust our intuition anyway—even (and especially) when it’s hard or inconvenient.

At The Second Paradigm, we see those who trust their intuition as The Cutting Edge—unique, not damaged—ahead, not behind.

We say things like, “You’re ahead of your time,“ not because you feel superior or special.

We say things like this because as an intuitive person in a logical world, you probably feel the opposite—out of place, misunderstood, reckless, broken, behind.

And at some point, if you’re ever going to play your God-given role here on Earth, you need to know who you are, what you’ve done, and that you’re truly onto something.

They’re the truths you already know deep down, that feel too grand to fully acknowledge or accept:

“Intuition works.”

In fact, intuition is the most powerful decision making force in existence.

Maybe you’re not so out of place after all…

Maybe you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Maybe… you’re simply ahead of your time.

At The Second Paradigm, we’ve developed a unique body of work that helps intuitives to build a real-time personal connection with divinity—what we call intuitionOS.

We aim to accomplish what we‘re here to do as the soul—no more compromises, no more crippling insecurity, and no more long detours pretending that God and our intuition don’t exist.

This is a community for those who are ready to finally fucking trust themselves.

Because more than ever, it’s time.

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If this is you we’re speaking to, we hope to see you inside. 🤍