Miriam | Organic Cherries and Some Other Things
July 16, 2021

They just don’t want people know what we all already know. The election was stolen and Trump won. 

Let the cognitive dissonance commence. I’m so here for it. 

When you trust your intuition the whole fucking time you called bullshit at a covid bat. You touched your face. You didn’t wear a mask. Not even once! You didn’t post a black square.

While everyone was reading Me and White Supremacy. You were reading The Gulag Archipelago.

You bought a fire arm. You trained. 

You stocked up on food. 

You got yourself a stash of silver #47

You lost a fuck ton of friends and family. 

You voted for Trump. 

You listened to black conservatives that blew your fucking mind.

You saw through the nonsense of this lethal injection disguised as “safe and effective”. 

And you learned a lot about how darkness still exists here, in the form of PEOPLE… Not just energy or a far far away idea that ended after World War II

You see through it all! Your eyes are clear!

Up until 2020 you may not of questioned your purpose, but now without a shadow of a doubt you know WHY you’re here.

You know you’re here to bring light to the dome!

You’re here to radiate your essence out into this fucked up place and re-claim it as your own!

Ps: go out and get yourself some organic cherries. Glyphosate free is the way to be!
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