Miriam | Was Hitler a Good Guy?
July 21, 2021

Now that I feel all this new space opening up.

I wonder what I would share or write about if I’m not pushing off all the freakin noise. 

That’s all 2020+ has felt like… me pushing off of all the bullshit I see out there.

Recently it’s reached this point where I noticed no one is talking about anything new. It’s all the same things regurgitated with a conservative perspective of the same MSM talking points. 

Which shows me that MSM is still informing the narrative. Even the counter narrative.

If we all shut up and stopped talking about any of it, then what?

What would happen if we didn’t have 47 million clips of Biden’s gaffs?

Although, can we just for a moment, I mean come on…  the dudes gotta be a glitchy clone or something. There’s no way he’s a real human. The earlobes don’t add up. He doesn’t even look like he used to. Have you seen his bottom row of teeth?! TERRIFYING! 😬

Side note: My mom says he’s been dead for a long time. She says they’re all dead. Hillary too. And so far she’s always right… so I’ve kinda just stopped questioning her. 😆 

Anyway, what was I saying?

Oh ya. If we all shut up and stopped talking about any of it, then what?

It’s like we’re all pushing and pulling off of something else out there. Still being informed by the big machine that is darkness… 

But how long can that possibly last?

When do people get sick of it and realize that they’re participating in the same noise.

Where are the people genuinely bringing something different here? Where are the people bringing their soul’s essence here? Where do you see the most light? Who do you listen to and it just  hits different?

I’m looking to do/be all of those things ☝🏼

And personally, I think I hit my tipping point.

Now I want to know what bubbles up from within me when I’m not pushing or pulling off of cultural narratives. 

When I’m not being informed by anyone, but instead being informed by God. Then what?

What am I actually drawn to learning? What am I actually drawn to sharing? What comes through me - when I let it? How much of it will I let out? Where are my edges? What’s actually here in all of this new found space?

Well… here’s the latest… 

Recently, I’ve been sitting with “was Hitler a good guy?” 

I know this is like sacrilegious… or some shit. I understand this is like super taboo, and I’m supposed to be nervous and feel awkward. And how dare I ask a question like that… gasp! 

But I don’t feel awkward or nervous at all. It’s an actual question I have.

Since we recently learned that EVERYTHING we learned was a lie, why would this be any different? Ya know.

Gosh… I feel like I’m really kicking things off here on the tele. There she goes… Offending the people right of the bat!

I feel like this is supposed to feel really scary, but I feel nothing. 

I literally feel zero charge with this. It’s weird. I keep checking myself to make sure I’m not a psychopath 😆

But it’s where I’m at. I’m genuinely curious.

Kinda reminds me of when I started asking “is Trump a good guy?” But that felt way edgier than asking if Hitler was a good guy. Maybe because it was 1933 vs 2020. I wasn’t there. But I am here. The biological fear that kicks up when you wear your red trump hat in a blue dot town… eh. Not so awesome. But asking open minded questions about the past. I’m game! 

So… was he a good guy? Was it all propaganda? Who wrote the history? Who really won the war? Who funded the war? The bankers? Was was Germany like pre War? How many peace deals did Hitler make? What was actually going on? Will we ever know?

If you’re wondering where in the world this question even came from - it’s from Europa - you can find it on Bitchute. It’s 12+ hours. 

WW2truth. com has a TON of resources, articles, and books to help make sense of things. 

This is definitely not the side I learned in history class. It was completely one sided. There was no room to even question anything. What kind of education is that? No room for free thought and deeper discussion? Sounds a little commie to me. 

They started us young folks. They got us real young. 

So Europa… I think it plays far too fast and has waaay too much information in it.

Slowed down to a snails pace, with lots of naps and water breaks, and rewatching the parts I slept through…  it’s really really rattling my brain. I’m the best way. 

So that’s where I’m at. Was Hitler a good guy?

I didn’t come into this life with an amazing truth sniffer for no reason. I smell bullshit a mile away. And I don’t want to get duped. We’ve been duped our whole lives. Our parents were duped. Their parents were duped. And their parents were duped! 

The buck stops here. It’s gotta stop somewhere.

So ya… I don’t know that you’ll come to my telegram thread for all the latest truther stuff. There’s plenty of voices out there. Good ones and shit ones. Just like with everything. Trust your own truth sniffer when it comes to who you follow on that front.

I think and I hope you’ll come here for something different. Some truth. Some soul. Some real time shares. Just a nice place to hangout while the world does what it does. 

While the world LARPs the latest MSM talking points. You and I can kick back and laugh and talk about this other shit no one seems to want to talk about.

Let’s face it… there’s enough of the same thing here. Slightly different flavors… but it’s all the fucking same.

I’d like to bring something different here, something new. So this is my attempt at that. 🤍☺️

Thanks for joining me for this wild ride that we’re on. 🙌🏼💌☀️

As always,
Keep going, keep trusting, and welcome home!
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