Navigating Darkness (Mini Course) by David and Miriam

Navigating Darkness (Mini Course)

Three Recorded Videos of David and Miriam teaching on the channeled document, Navigating Darkness.

What's Included?

3 Video Recordings:

Live Teaching (43:09)
Live Q&A #1 (50:13)
Live Q&A #2 (53:13)

Navigating Darkness

Though the most common ways to deal with sticky and unhelpful energies are protection, clearing, and healing, we look at this whole thing differently.

In Navigating Darkness, we teach you what dark and Light are, so you know how to navigate the landscape yourself, for life.

Especially in a time where so much awareness of corruption and sneaky, tricky energies is up in the larger collective, it’s massively helpful to be able to settle in and truly understand the mechanics of those two core paradigms and ways of being.

This channeled document and course is a response to all those internal fears and uncertainties about those sticky energies and people—and a solid knowing that ultimately, “Your Light is Impenetrable.”