The End of Spiritual Shame (Mini Course) by David and Miriam

The End of Spiritual Shame (Mini Course)

Three Recorded Videos of David and Miriam teaching on the channeled document, The End of Spiritual Shame

What's Included?

3 Video Recordings:

Live Teaching (43:43)
Live Q&A #1 (42:53)
Live Q&A #2 (52:43)

Overcoming Shame + Creating Inner Solidity

This course explores "The Cutting Edge" and what it feels like to prototype new spiritual embodiments.

It's that nagging feeling of uncertainty and doubt that says, "I'm alone in this," and "Maybe I'm crazy." This whole feeling and its many thoughts come from a very specific biological source—shame.

We unpack this larger context in the document, and in three recorded teachings, so you can walk away knowing how to boldly be yourself in the world.

This course shares a brand new perspective on why these feelings come up, and what we should (or don't have to) do about them.