Making Sense of Soul by David and Miriam

Making Sense of Soul

Open and Trust Your Intuition

"Is it my intuition?"

Fear can be convincing. So can doubt, uncertainty, unworthiness—fill in the blank!

But soul? Soul is that steady whisper that nudges you into something better, every time.

When you hone in on that soul truth, everything gets easier, smoother, and faster.
So what does it look like to “Make Sense of Soul?”

This course is a big paradigm shift.

No more being wrong.
No more believing you're "behind."
No more confusion or doubt taking you off path.
It's time to make sense of soul and discover what you're really here to do and be in the world.
Once you've learned to access your own soul's truth, it gets to be your guiding light for the rest of your life. <3

What's included?

4 Weeks:

Week 1: Body vs. Soul
Week 1 Teaching: Body vs. Soul
28 mins
A Psychological Case for Presence
Week 2: Following the Energy
Week 2 Teaching: Following the Energy
42 mins
Week 3: Money
Week 3 Teaching: Money
36 mins
Week 3 Meditation
16 mins
Week 4: Final Teaching
Week 4 Teaching: Final Teaching
38 mins
Oversoul Orientation Meditation
26 mins